Best Safari Extensions | iPhone, iPad & Mac

Best Safari Extensions for iPhone iPad Mac
Best Safari Extensions for iPhone iPad Mac

The Best Safari Extensions? Low Data Mode, Picture In Picture Controls & Much More! The App Store has it all! Here are a few of our favourites we thought we would share with you guys!

I have been searching the App Store for the best Free Safari Extensions you can find! I have came up with a list so lets get started!

Safari for all Apple devices now supports web extensions, which can be downloaded and installed through the App Store using your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Best Safari Extensions

How To Enable Safari Extensions iOS 15

You can manage your extensions by navigating to Settings > Safari > Manage Extensions. Any extensions that you’ve already installed will be listed here.

How To Enable Safari Extensions iOS 15

Once you’ve installed your first extension, you’ll see a little “Jigsaw Piece” icon on the left side of Safari’s address bar. Once you tap that , the menu that pops up will include your current extensions plus a “Manage Extensions” selection, which lets you toggle all of your extensions on and off.

One App – Safari Extension

One app is not just one extension it aims be the only extension you need. This extension enables dark mode for websites that do no support it. This extension also enables Picture in Picture for videos on the web. Definitely one to try out if you use safari a lot on your iPad.

I actually love this feature because I listen to a lot of YouTube videos while working from my iPad.You can also customise the look of your start page which I thought was a really useful feature.


Bring is an app that might sound familiar, as we have spoke about this app in a few videos. This is the app to help you remember what groceries you need!

Best Safari Extensions – Bring!

When I remember i need something i just note it down in the app, i then use shortcuts to remind me before i go shopping to get the items from the bring app.

Something which I found really useful was the recipe section, you can choose dish you want and can add the ingredients to your list, and it will also show you how to make the dish.

Turn Off the Lights

This is a great app, it makes me wonder why apple have not built this into the native safari application.

Best Safari Extensions – Turn of the Lights

Whilst your watching a video, you have the ability to dim the lights so you can keep your focus on the video

Safari Snippets

This app allows you to insert your own custom pieces of code into webpages.

Best Safari Extensions – Safari Snippets

You can control zooming, change fonts, ad denotes and much more! You can use the app to create your own snippets or choose from the user submitted gallery within the app.

Web Inspector

This last extension is great if you are a web developer! You can view and edit elements that make up the ‘DOM’ of a webpage. You can type in JavaScript commands to test and debug your applications or view errors, warnings or any other messages sent from a webpage.

IF you guys managed to download any of these FREE Safari Extensions let us know in the comments or on social media! We are always online!

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