Best iOS Productivity Apps – Get Organised!

Best iOS Productivity Apps - iOS 15
Best iOS Productivity Apps – iOS 15

The iPad Pro is in a league of its own, it is the best tablet money can buy. A high end chip combined with a great display getting work done has never felt better working from the iPad, this is our Best iOS Productivity Apps you can download right now for free!

Best iOS Productivity Apps

If you are a Student or just want to get things done on your iPad? These are the apps for you! All of these applications are compatible with iPhones & iPads running iOS 15.


Struted is a visual day planner which you can create calendars, task lists and much more with a easy to use visual interface, it just looks great!

You can plan your day out and focus on what’s important and the app has a bunch of features to help you such as notifications to keep you on track and home screen widgets.

Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 - Structured
Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 – Structured

You can set yo tasks for repeating events , View a weekly view of all your tasks and a bunch of other features, its a great app that you should definitely try out! It’s free!

You can create tasks straight from the application, if you assign a date the task will be placed into your day planner, if you dont it will be placed into your inbox were tasks with unassigned dates are located.

you can add a duration of the task, sea start date and end date , add notes and also customize the appreance.

I appreciated about Structured was that the app’s most useful features—the ability to schedule tasks, customise the appearance of the app, and receive gentle reminders about filling in your schedule or taking breaks—are all free.

Spark Mail

Arak mail is a great email client, i do not like apples version and I find spark a lot better. I use this on every device i possible can or I resort to the web browser.

A few reasons why i like this over any other app is the simple design, ease of use and also a most importantly it has the most amazing widget you could ask for!

I have tried a few mail clients however i keep resorting back to spark as its just works flawlessly and I’ve had no issues with it. Spark is a great mail client, one of the best in our book! The element design makes it stand out from the rest.

Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 - Spark Mail
Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 – Spark Mail

I prefer this client over both gmail and the mail application, it just has a much better ui which i prefer over any other client. You can even jump into the settings and customise the appearance of the application, add templates And much more.

A feature that is worth checking out is the ”scheduling” feature, which allows you to schedule any kind of email, which came in handy a few times.

Spark also has a calendar built in, i choose to use this Calender over others as it syncs with my email and there’s a cool widget which just looks great.

Apple Notes

Apple notes has had a huge update in iOS 15 and its definitely the best free note taking app for iOS. You have the ability to swipe up from the corner of your iPad to create a new note, its something I’ve been getting the hang of when i need to note something down, its really intuitive and is a joy to use.

The notes app itself has many features, you have the ability to write with you Apple Pencil or you can use the magic keyboard, both work great.

Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 - Apple Notes
Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 – Apple Notes

Something else which I found cool is that you can now scan documents straight from the notes app using your camera, before the iOS 15 update to notes i would off had a separate app that imports documents. The app can be used to share documents, create tables and much more! You even have the ability to lock notes.

Tap on the Share button and select Lock Note. Enter a passcode, or enable Touch ID or Face ID, and your note is protected

I use the notes app when taking notes using the Apple Pencil, because its great for that and I use notion when taking notes while I am using my keyboard, both are really great apps which are free.

Google Docs Suite

The Google Suite is a collection of tools and apps Google provides. It is the best way to write up and edit professional documents , create spreadsheets or plan your next presentation on your iPad.

I personally use Google sheets all the time as I am organising various projects and its a great to have access via the application.If you are a student and looking to edit your work documents or even a CV this system is great place to start.

Best of all this is synced with your email, so you can access these from yours or another computer if you needed to.

You now have the ability to work in offline mode, which we found really help full, the apps let you share a document or presentation with a friend or group, and give each person permissions to edit or simply view the document.

When another user makes an edit, you’ll be able to see that user typing in real time with a tag near the cursor to call out who is making the edits.


If you’re the type of person who always forgets something when grocery shopping, Bring! is, without doubt, a must-have app. It uses a smart interface and seamless sharing functionality to take the pain out of your weekly grocery shop.

users of the app can search for food items and add them to their shopping list, which look great!

Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 - Bring App
Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 – Bring App

If you find a recipe on the web you can also use the Safari Extension and add the recipe to your list! There is also a tab which lets you browser though recipes and add the ingredients to your list, very handy when you dont know what to cook.

I am always forgetting what i need when i am actually the the supermarket but bring helps me remember, its a very useful app.

Link to Safari extensions Video

Cheat Sheet

This is the cheer sheets app, it features a simple uk design to keep all your cheats in track.

You can add these pieces of information to your Home Screen or create a new sheet via a widget.

Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 - Cheatsheet
Best iOS Productivity Apps 2021 – Cheatsheet

The Widget will also let you copy information using your clipboard for easy access. Siri and shortcuts is also enabled with this app, you can use Siri or shortcuts to find or search for information.

The app works for all iOS devices and syncs everything via iCloud.If you wanted you can get the pro version and this will able you to protect the information with a password lock.

We definetly recommend these apps to help you get things done! Stay on top of your game!

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