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iOS 13 : Upcoming Features & Release Date

iOS 13

iOS 13 is just around the corner. At WWDC, Apple will finally release the 13th version of its popular iPhone and iPhone operating system. As iOS starts to mature, what we hope most from it are smaller changes.

iOS 13 – New Features

There will be a lot of smaller changes to the new version of iOS such as updated Share Sheets, updates to the Mail app and more. Small features that put an end too little frustrations of using an iPhone and iPad.

As bigger features like Dark Mode have already leaked, so let’s take a look on some features Apple will be packing into their latest version of  iOS.


Using a glaringly bright phone in the dark is horrible – that’s why so many apps now have Dark Mode, switching apps to a black theme that’s easier on the eyes. For instance, Twitter already offers a darker theme for users who regularly browse in the night.

If you are using and OLED screen such as an iPhone X, XS, XS max then you will also save battery life and take advantage of OLED technology. Dark mode is definitely coming to iOS this year as there has been several leaks this year confirming this.

ios 13 dark mode


Apple is working on a sleep mode available in the Control Center that will toggle on Do Not Disturb, make the Lock screen darker, and mute all incoming notifications. It will also include improvements to the Bedtime tab in the Clocks app.


iOS 13 is rumoured to include a new volume HUD that’s perhaps going to be less obtrusive than the current one.


Just like the volume hud, Siri will most likely get an update so users will be able to use their display as-well as talk to Siri. There are also rumours that Siri will get a lot smarter and be able to do much more.

ios 13 preview


Updates to the Messages app will include a WhatsApp-style feature allowing users to create a profile picture and display name, and then choose who sees it.


The Maps app will include new features that will make it easier to set and navigate to frequent locations, like home or work addresses.


Safari in iOS 13 on iPad will automatically load a desktop version of websites when necessary, and Apple is testing a downloads manager for Safari that would let users access downloads in a single location.


Apple love Emojis? Well more are being added such as flamingo, otter, waffle, sloth, white heart, people holding hands, ice cube, snorkel, orangutan, juice box, falafel, and more.


Do not count on nothing major. Apple will be updating most of their applications with new features however there will not be a major changes to the OS, there might be a new feature such as home screen widgets or something however we are not 100% sure at this moment. Check out our iOS 13 Wishlist here.

iOS 13 Release Date

iOS 13 reveal date is Monday, June 3. Apple has historically unveiled its new software at its WWDC 2019 keynote in San Jose and it’s always the first Monday in June. There will most likely will be a beta released on that day, however the final version will arrive in the fall.

Be sure to stay locked in for the latest coverage.

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Apple has formally agreed to be Clear with iPhone Users

apple warns users about battery life

Apple has formally agreed to be “clearer and more upfront with iPhone users” about battery health and performance to ensure compliance with consumer law.

BBC Reports: In a pledge submitted to the Competition and Markets Authority or CMA, Apple committed to several actions it has already taken, including providing consumers with “clear and comprehensible information” about lithium-ion batteries, unexpected shutdowns, and performance management in iOS and on its website.

apple battery life affects

Apple also said that if a future iOS update materially changes the impact of performance management when installed on an iPhone, it will notify consumers “in a clear manner” of those changes in the release notes for the update.

So if your expecting a update in the future and if that update will impact your device apple will actually tell you it might affect your battery life or maybe slow down your device.

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The New Red Hot Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked!


This Red Hot Samsung Galaxy S10 has been surfacing the web recently and it really looks quite stunning.

Although the manufacturer hasn’t officially confirmed the new variant, several renders depicting the handsets in this paint have popped up. There is also no confirmation regarding when these would be available, whether they will be exclusive to specific carriers, or even to some countries.

This leak comes from Roland Quandt and it shows the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ in what he calls “Cardinal Red.” There is no mention of release date (other than “coming soon”) or region availability, which is particularly important.


Roland Quandt is a fairly reliable source when it comes to things such as this and Samsung is known to launch new colorways of its flagship devices not long after the main launch period. If this leak is accurate, it would bring the total number of S10 colors up to five including white, black, green, and blue. We will keep you guys posted if Samsung decide to drop this bad boy.

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EE will Launch UK’s First 5G Service in May

ee 5g service 2019 uk

EE will Launch UK’s First 5G Service in May. EE will switch on its 5G service in six UK cities on 30 May, the first mobile network in the UK to do so.

5G gives you an almost instant internet connection. So whether you want to play a video, load an app, or control smart devices in your home, everything feels super-quick with 5G.

The faster speeds at which our 5G network responds to your commands is really important for gamers, because it responds even more quickly to your button commands. What’s more, 5G opens up exciting possibilities for new augmented and virtual reality experiences, which could transform the way you play games on the move.

“To give our customers the very best experience, we’re focusing our efforts on the busiest places, where the power of 5G can make the biggest difference. All of our 5G customers will get a more reliable connection, even in the biggest crowds.” – EE

Who will get 5G?

Users in in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester will be first to get faster services with plans for 10 more cities to be added this year. Prices for 5G – which will require new handsets – will start at £54 per month for 10 gigabytes of data.

ee 5g network

The leap between current 4G technology and 5G is expected to be significant, with the next-generation network providing download speeds 50-times faster than its predecessor.This would mean a typical HD movie would take just 13 seconds to download using 5G, compared to the average 10 minutes and 44 seconds it takes 4G. The new network capabilities will only work with phones that are 5G compatible.

EE have a various phones available with 5G plans ready to go on launch date such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 , Oppo Reno and One Plus 7.

Vodafone recently announced that their 5G service will be launching in July. Three has announced that it’ll launch its network in the second half of 2019, while O2’s 5G services will become available before the year is out.

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