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Best Streaming Services for 2022

Best Steaming Services 2020

Streaming Services have been so popular during coronavirus pandemic, here are some of the best streaming services available. One in five households in Britain – six million – signed up to an online video subscription service during the Covid-19 lockdown, data suggests.

The most-enjoyed piece of content, though, was Netflix’s exclusive documentary series Tiger King.

The Best Streaming Services for 2022

All streaming services offer a free trial ranging from seven to 30 days. You will still need to enter your credit or debit card details though, and, if you don’t like the service, make sure you cancel the subscription before you get charged.


Netflix Streaming Service

Netflix Streaming Service

From £5.99 per month

Not only does Netflix have a huge library of well-known films and TV shows, including classics like Top Gear and Prison Break, but there’s a growing library of originals to choose from, too.

You can set up multiple accounts which is something we found very useful. Watching shows in HD or 4K, or using Netflix on more than one screen at a time, does push the price up per month up.

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Disney Plus Streaming Service

Disney Plus Streaming Service

£5.99 per month

Disney+ is great value for money and will appeal to all ages. The library of content is smaller than on other streaming services but most of the 500+ movies and 350 TV shows can’t be found anywhere else.

As well as classic Disney films and shows, it has movies from Pixar, Marvel and 21st Century Fox, as well as TV shows from National Geographic and all 600 episodes of The Simpsons.

There’s a handful of Disney+ originals too, with more in the pipeline. It’s simple to use and you can watch in 4K at no extra cost. We could create up to seven different profiles on one account, so all members of the family can get personalised recommendations based on what they’ve previously watched.

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Apple TV+

Apple TV Streaming Service

Apple TV Streaming Service

£4.99 per month

Apple TV+ is great value for money and will appeal to all ages. The library of content is smaller than on other streaming services but all of the content found are Apple Exclusive shows, so you cant find them anywhere else. As well as a free trial, Apple has made a handful of shows from Apple TV+ available to watch for free during Covid-19 isolation.

That Apple has spent a vast amount of money on its original shows and films is obvious from the names involved: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in The Morning Show; an Oprah Winfrey talk show; a Steven Spielberg anthology series. None of this is cheap.

Apple TV+ is available on all Apple devices, of course, but you can also access it on Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, as well as many of the latest TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony, plus a few Vizio TVs too.

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Now TV

Now TV Streaming Service

Now TV Streaming Service

From £3.99 per month

Love the idea of Sky but don’t want to commit to a contract? Now TV gives you access to the same TV shows, films, kids content and sporting programmes but only a month at a time.

This is because you purchase individual “passes” based on your preferences. On test, we found the service was simple to use and videos started playing quickly.

We love that you can watch the Sky channels that relate to your “pass” live through the app, too. Videos are only played in SD or HD if you pay extra and only TV shows (not films) can be downloaded to watch when there’s no internet access.

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Let us know, what streaming service you are using?

Best Streaming Services for 2022
Best Streaming Services for 2022
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