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TheGadgetBook is a website that offers the latest Gadget News & Reviews from the technology world. Our aims are simple, to keep our audience in the loop of all the cool Gadgets & Tech you might not know about! The Gadget Book is the place were you will learn about the latest gadgets that are emerging everyday.

Established in 2013, We specialise in gadget reviews, technology news & more. We cover a range of topics from smartphones, tablets, smarwatches & more.

The Gadget Book YouTube channel has over  250 videos uploaded to the channel, gaining nearly 10k subs and  over 2 million views across the whole channel. We cover a wide range of content on The Gadget Book’s Youtube Channel from the latest Gadget Reviews to Apps for your Smartphone & more!

We have and will continue to work along side many known technology company’s to bring you the latest Gadget Reviews, unboxings & more. There are many brands and companies in the technology industry and everybody has a favourite, at The Gadget Book we start each product with a fresh and open mind within our review process, we push all biased opinions to the side.

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