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Google launches Android P Developer Preview

The Android P Developer Preview is finally here. Google have recently shown us the developer preview of Android P, which comes with a few new features.

In the Settings app there are new colourful icons to the right of sections like Network, Display, Battery, etc.Notifications have a more minimal look in Android P, with a design that matches the rest of the update’s aesthetic. The notification cards have newly rounded corners and a simple line separating each individual notification.

Developers now can make apps designed for notches.The new DisplayCutout class lets you find out the location and shape of the non-functional areas where content shouldn’t be displayed.

The OS now restricts microphone, camera, and sensor access for idle apps. Android P supports HDR VP9 for HDR-enabled videos from YouTube and Play Movies on supported devices.

Google are always adding features, so we might see a few more when it’s released to the public this fall. If you have a Pixel or Pixel 2 smartphone that’s able to run Google’s first Android P Developer Preview, we strongly suggest that you do not as there is many bugs.

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