Wireless Charging and Face ID Coming to iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 will feature Wireless Charging , Apple’s new Facial recognition software and “L ” Shaped Battery according to the latest leaks.

A new image has been surfing the web claiming that the new iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging & Face ID. The images show two iPhone templates in production, one with a TFT-LCD screen & one with an OLED screen. As well as the screen differences, the latter X-ray image has room for a much larger battery.

wireless charging leak

These images are could actually be fake, however it does line up with all the rumors with the new iPhone and Apple’s goal to make their devices fully wireless. The Image also is showing of the stacked two-layer circuit board and “L” shaped battery which will is also rumored to be featured in the new iPhone.

Recently there was also claims of the iPhone’s packaging being leaks, it does look promising & gives us a look at the design.The style of the drawings is said to be very similar to the documentation found in previous iPhones, nevertheless it rare to see documentation being leaked.

iPhone 8 sim swap

Another feature that’s been said to be coming is Face ID, developers have been digging into the HomePod firmware and found code that references to facial recognition software for the new iPhone 8. This means that you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone with a glance even when it’s sat down flat on a surface.

Face Id iPhone 8

In general, though, aesthetically the 7s phones will seemingly not change that much. Apple will most likley announce all three new iPhones at a September media event. There have been many reports that the OLED iPhone will launch later in the year, perhaps late October.

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