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How to Install iOS 11 Beta 2 for FREE

iOS 11 Beta 2 is here! How to Install iOS 11 Beta 2 on your iPhone , iPod or iPad without being a developer.

iOS 11 is in its early stages but comes with a bunch of cool features that you might want to check out. This tutorial will show you guys how to install iOS 11 Beta 2 for FREE!

From new icons to some great new refinements to the os , the first Beta of iOS 11 available from Apple was very buggy. This new version wants to fix most of them issues with some minor changes and a few extra features.

ios 11 beta control center

All you need to get things started is an official iOS 11 beta config profile, which can be downloaded here. Install the profile on your device and then you will be asked to restart your device, make sure you do.

Once that is done, iOS will open up the Settings app, and the iOS 11  update will present itself just as a regular software update. Downloaded it as you’d normally do with any iOS release, and let it run its course.

Make sure you back up your data before you start. Then, ensure that you have a good wireless connection and try to keep your device on charge throughout the process. The public iOS 11 beta release should be available soon enough, and you might be better off waiting for that release. It’ll have the same features as the latest iOS 11 beta that developers run.

Check out the new iOS 11 features below.

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