WatchOS 4 New Features and Improvements

WatchOS 4 bring an array of new features and improvements to the Apple watch, lets check them out.

WWDC came with a bunch of announcements from Apple, the new iMac Pro will be coming later this year and not to forget Apple will be previewed iOS 11 which will be available this fall.

WatchOS 4 New Features!

WatchOS 4 brings more intelligence and fitness features to Apple Watch. WatchOS 4 speeds up your Watch so it is more responsive and most importantly, more personal with the all new Siri Watch face.

Siri in iOS 11 is more intelligent. The new Siri watch face for your Apple Watch, will automatically show you relevant information based on the time of day. For example at the end of the day you might get a card showing the sunset.The Kaleidoscope watch face bring a cool visual animation whilst you turn the Digital Crown, You can make your own funky patterns with your own photos for a more personal touch. A few toy story characters have been added which is kinda cool.

The new App Switcher is a nice improvement, swiping to the left to close apps feels all round better, you can use the digital crown to swipe though your open apps.

Kaleidoscope Watch Face

Apple have also changed the UI of the Workout application, in addition adding new features. A Pool Swim feature will automatically track the reps you take around the pool, down to the types of stroke you used. The new Music app will automatically sync songs and playlists, and more than one playlist.You can also pick a playlist that will automatically play once you start working out.

In the control center you will also find a new button for a flashlight, when you swipe to the left you can have options for a red light and a flashing strobe. The Apple Watch will work with medical and sports devices over Bluetooth at last, opening up glucose monitors, trackers and lots of other possible accessories.

Let us know what you guys think of the new Smartwatch OS for your Apple Watch.

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