iOS 11 on the iPad Pro. Apple previewed iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, along with iOS 11 came some awesome new iPad Productivity features, lets check them out.
Apple have changed a lot with iOS 11 this year, they have redesigned the App Store and added a bunch of handy features into the OS. The iPad’s also got a few software changes.

iOS 11 on 12.9 iPad Pro

First of all you will notice that apple have now added a dock to the iPad, which helps with multitasking throughout the using the device. The dock hides like it does for full screen Mac apps , however you can just swipe up to reveal the dock again. It starts to make your iPad look like a Mac. You can use the Dock in applications to multitask and activate split screen, I found this really useful as i was able to get more done using my iPad.

iOS 11 on iPad Pro

You will have a tray of apps on your left and the control center apps on your right.  On the iPad the control center feels more like widgets rather than the control center itself. You can hold on the little card window of the application to close them.

Apple also introduced drag-and-drop functionality throughout iOS 11. For example, you can drag a URL or Photo from Safari into a new email or message that’s currently open in Split View the other half of the screen.


The Drag and Drop feature works really well, as this is a beta im really exited to use it when the full version of iOS is released in September.

The Cupertino company is also launching a new app called Files, which brings desktop-style file management to iPad. The app brings together all your files and folders. Files also supports iCloud and third-party storage providers like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Check out our video below.



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