iOS 11 Beta first look! iOS 11 comes with a new App Store ,new Control Center & more. Here is a first look at the first beta of iOS 11.

iOS 11 comes with a bunch of new features, from new icons to some great new refinements to the os. This is the first Beta of iOS 11 available from Apple, this means most features might not work as of now and things are buggy, so its not ideal to install this on your daily driver.

iOS 11 Beta 1

Once you have Installed iOS 11 Beta , you will start to notice a few changes while setting up your device. Some of the UI elements have changed, such as the buttons and the keypad.

Control Center is something that has got a new look. It’s now a single page that looks like blocks and also had 3D touch capabilities for the blocks. There are little animations when you press an icon, something I wish apps on the home screen would do.

ios 11 beta control center

There is no notifications panel anymore. When you Swipe down to look at your notifications you will be taken to your lock screen and your notifications will be shown there.

Siri is getting a major update, its becoming more contextual. Apple have also changed the voice of Siri which sounds more like a person and comes with a new UI update which looks decent. A new on-device learning system will enable the virtual assistant to understand what a user is likely to want depending on circumstances , location or time of day.

The App Store has been redesigned from the ground up to help you discover new apps and games you can’t live without. Discover more apps in the today section which updated everyday. Games and apps have their dedicated tabs and lastly you’ll see updated and search. You can also buy in app purchases as packs for the game in the app store.

ios 11 beta app store

Something else that I noticed is that when you take a screenshot, a thumbnail will appear at the bottom of the screen so you can edit, share or open with another app right from the home screen, pretty cool.

Let us know what you guys think of iOS 11.

Check out our Video below.

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