Apple WatchOS 4 has been announced

So Apple have announced Apple WatchOS 4 at WWDC 2017, here are some of the new features which will be available this fall.

After the announcement watchOS 4 will go into a beta testing phase for several months. It will finally become available for general download around September 2017.

wwdc 2017

Apple have added a bunch of new watch faces to Watch OS4. A few toy story characters have been added which is kinda cool and also the new Siri watch face. This watch face automatically shows information for you and will dynamically update thought out your day, for example at the end of the day you might get a card showing the sunset.

You can rotate the Digital Crown to scroll vertically through the various notifications and apps on the face.

Enhancements to the workout, the music app and also the activity application had been added. Playlists will automatically start with workouts and other cool new features. High intensity interval training is a new workout added, and new workouts can be added during a current workout with a new plus button added in ongoing workouts for multiple workouts in a single session.

apple watchos 4 features
Apple have also added real time data transfer with your gym machines, grab your watch swipe the NFC tag and your data will be transfered between your watch and gym machine.

WatchOS 4 gets a new Music app which will try to understand your needs – you’ll automatically see music and playlists that you listen to regularly updated on your watch.

Apple claims you’ll see faster app responsiveness and better background app performance. They also mentioned they are supporting core bluetooth on the watch, in addition to a new flashlight in the control center.

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