Apple announces iOS 11 at WWDC, Whats New?

iOS 11 has been rumoured for the last few weeks now and today at WWDC 2017 Apple have finally shown us what they have been working on.

iOS 11 has been announced from new icons to some great new updates here’s what’s new in iOS 11. Control center is something that has got a new look. It’s now a single page that looks like blocks and also had 3d touch capabilities for icons.

ios 11 status bar

Apple Music has a few minor upgrades but nothing big.Apple also announced a new iMac Pro and also Apple WatchOS 4 at WWDC 2017.

iOS 11 is finally here!

There are many updates with iOS 11 and we cannot go though all of them, so we will try to keep you guys updated as much as possible, meanwhile here are some of the headline features of iOS 11.

control center ios11


Messages has been updated with a new redesigned app drawer so you can use messages much easier. Message in iCloud is now in iOS 11, when you sign in into another device your conversations are synced across all devices. This means you can optimised your device’s storage.

imessage ios11

Apple pay is getting an update. You can now sent person to person payments. It’s integrated into messages , you can use touch I’d to authenticate the purchase.


Siri is getting a major update, its becoming more contextual. apple have changed the voice of Siri which sounds more like a person and comes with a new UI update which looks decent.

Siri ios 11

A new “intelligence” feature allows Siri to make suggestions that you might find interesting — like a news article — and be more predictive about what you want to do next.

Siri also supports translations from Chinese, French, English and more. Siri uses on device learning to help you with your daily task through out the day.


Apple is building augmented reality directly into the core of iOS, giving developers the tools they need to convincingly blend digital entertainment with the real world.

Apple AR wwdc ios11

Camera & Photo’s

Apple are enhancing the camera application to enhance images on your device for better compression and a few other cool features. The photos app and also Live photos have also got a few effects such as loops and rewind features, something like Instagram and snapchat.

photos ios11

The photos app now allows users to edit photos straight from the photos app, add effects and much more. Portrait photos are more expressive. Skin tones more natural. There are even filters for applying classic looks to your portraiture photography.


Maps has thankfully been updated , detailed floor plans of malls , browse by floors and shops. Airports and much more are supported. Lane guidance and some cool travel features have been added into maps.

ios11 maps

Do Not Disturb While Driving will get rid of potential distractions when your eyes should be focused on the road.


The App Store has been redesigned from the ground up to help you discover new apps and games you can’t live without.

ios app store beta

Discover more apps in the today section which updated everyday. Games and apps have their dedicated tabs and lastly you’ll see updated and search. You can also buy in app purchases as packs for the game in the app store.

Let us know what you guys think of iOS 11.

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