The Blackberry KeyOne runs Android, comes with a physical Keyboard and a lot more features, here are a few Tips and Tricks you might of not known!

The KeyOne comes with a 4.5 inch screen , runs Android Nougat & is the first of its kind. The phone comes with a pretty cool features such a the physical keyboard and also the notification light, which I am a fan of. The phone is a little bit chunky but I think it adds a nice bit of assurance while holding the phone, in addition the bigger battery causes the bulk but its okay as the battery life is very impressive.

How to Turn off predictive text on The Blackberry KeyOne

Sometimes when typing you might swipe by accident while using the keyboard on the Blackberry and words will start being added because of the predictive text feature, not good.

Turn off Predictions on Blackberry Keyone

Jump into the “settings” application and  go to “language & input”, then “BlackBerry keyboard settings”, then “prediction & correction”, then from here you will see  “Show Predictions” you can now turn it off.

How to Turn off Short-Press Shortcuts

While using my blackberry some key get pressed by accident and applications start launching, it gets quite annoying, so lets turn of short press shortcuts.

Turn of Shortcuts Blackberry KeyOne

On the home screen, touch and hold an empty area of the screen, and then tap the “Settings” icon, Select the option “Typing Action” and then select “Do nothing” or “Start a search”.

How to use Emojis

I found it a little tricky trying to use Emojis on this Blackberry as there is a Physical Keyboard, so you will have to use the Virtual One.

Press and hold the ‘0’ button / microphone key with three dots, then tap on the smiley emoticon face and choose your emoji from the virtual keyboard.

How to take a Screenshot on the Blackberry KeyOne

Taking a screenshot on this device might be a little tricky for some users, all you have to do is hold down the power button along with the volume down rocker.

Take Screenshot on Blackberry KeyOne

How to Turn Off Productivity Tab

The Productivity Tab gives you the most important information in your day at a glance on your home screen, however the little tab does get a little annoying and disabling this will speed up your Blackberry.

Disable Productivity Tab on Blackberry KeyOne Disable Productivity Tab on Blackberry KeyOne

Jump into the “Settings” application and  go to “Display”, then you will see Productivity tab, you can enable it and disable it from here.

Use the Keyboard TrackPad as a Scroll Wheel in Applications

You can also you the keyboard as a scrolling wheel in most applications. Swipe up down, left to right to scroll in webpages, apps and even on the home screen. You might tap the keys above the keyboard by accident, but you’ll master the art yourself eventually.

Fast Charging KeyOne

Check out out full review of the Blackberry KeyOne & If you have any tips & tricks to share with us, let us know in the comments!

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