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PhonePaq The Worlds First Modular Smartphone Case



phonepaq modular smarphone case

The PhonePaq is the world’s first modular case with modules, each one of these modules can bring extra functionality to your Mobile.At first you will notice that the case does look very similar to Project Ara, which is not a bad thing. The PhonePaq will allow you to add up to 6 modules to the case, each one of these modules can bring extra functionality to your device.

They’re also hot-swappable, meaning you wont have to power your Mobile on and off to change them, in addition the case itself comes with a built-in 1,000mAh battery as standard.

phonepaq modules

There are several modules that you can add to your phone, from SD card readers to BackUp Memory, something that looked really cool is the Temperature and Humidity checker.This module will allow you to check the temperature or humidity of your body , room and much more.

“Your body. Your room. Your Coffee. Your cat. Whatever. Get spot-on temperature readings anytime, anywhere.”

Add power with a battery module, memory with a USB module, physical buttons with the Hotkeys module, have a bit of fun with an LED module, and way more. All of these are controlled via Nexpaq’s app, which also works remotely over a Bluetooth connection when the case isn’t on a phone.

The company have also said they are hoping to build a community of third-party developers to make modules for the case, and is releasing a toolkit and API to encourage this.

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